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We believe that art and creativity can change the world, and therefore our hiring philosophy revolves around finding the most passionate and driven individuals in the industry. Sure, talent is important, but we believe that raw passion can take you further than any amount of skill.

Shaun “Shonduras” Mcbride


Jenny McBride

Co Founder

Adley Mcbride

Mini Director

Jordan Nguyen

Co Founder

Nate Riddle

Studio Director

Alicia Breeding


Amber Kommavongsa

Concept Artist

Asa Thibodaux

Senior Animator

Cameron Terry


Curtis Cannon

Senior Animator

Emily Beatty


Emily Riddle

Production Coordinator

Isabelle Sanchez


James Thomas

Special Projects

Jospeh Bailey


Jospeh Pearman

Senior Modeler

Kate Shepherd

Concept Art Lead

KC (Bug) Van De Graaff


Malcom Milton

Layout Artist

Mikaylee Riddle

Character Modeler

Miles Milton

Animation Supervisor

Mitch Shelton

Programming Lead

Nathaniel Behunin


Nick Simmons

Character Modeler

Peter Anderson

Senior Animator

Shawn Boyles

Concept Artist

Tanner Shelton

Modeling Supervisor

Jonny Rogers


David Belnap


We’ve all heard the old adage, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well, we take that to heart when it comes to hiring. We want our team to be filled to the brim with individuals who pour their hearts and souls into their work, not just because it’s a means to an end, but because they truly love what they do.

Now, of course, some might argue that talent is also important. But here’s the thing; talent can only take you so far. Without a driving force behind it, even the most gifted individuals can fall short of their potential. But with passion and drive, anything is possible.

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